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Our Partners

The Youth Alliance is heavily reliant on funding and support from local partners, and without them we would not be able to achieve the great work that we do across Derby City. The support of these organisations is invaluable to us and they play a key role in helping us to develop our offer and focus our work on the children and young people who really need it. Our partners support us with projects and individual child and place referrals and identify areas of need across the city. 

Our work would not be possible without our partners, and we are grateful for their support. If you are interested in supporting us as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility please read below on some of the needs that we have as an alliance to allow us to continue to grow, and please do contact us to find out how you are best placed to support our key areas of work! 

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How you can support us

The future of Derby Youth Alliance is dependant on funding streams, and support from local businesses and organisations who would like to see us continue the great work that we do around Derby City. There are many ways which you could contribute to our sustainability and growth.


We rely on funding to continue the work that we do. You could consider fundraising for us, or sponsoring a referral or project.

Training and Workshops

Our providers are always looking for opportunities to develop - could you provide our network with at-cost workshops or training opportunities?


We are looking for subsidised venues to host our wider network meetings.

What we can offer you

Here are some of the benefits that partnering with the Derby Youth Alliance could bring you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting your community through CSR that delivers long lasting impact to the local community and the next generation.

Staff Engagement

Attract new talent and engage your staff to think differently about their local community.

Social Media

Uplifting content for your social media around our case studies, success stories and events.

Client Engagement

Appeal to clients who share the same social values as yourselves.

Public Relations

Partnering with a collaborative of local charities can offer some wonderful PR, marketing and networking opportunities.

Young People

Our network has direct connections with the voice of young people in our city, and we hear the issues that they face, and the changes that they want to see.

For more information on supporting Derby Youth Alliance as a corporate partner, please contact us!

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