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Support for Parents

Many parents struggle to find the support they need as they navigate the challenges of raising children.


Services catering to their needs are often limited, leaving them feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Recognizing this need, Derby Youth Alliance is dedicated to providing signposting support for parents in Derby City. Our goal is to offer accessible resources and services tailored to the diverse needs of families in our community. We will collate a selection of suggestions for services, aiming to facilitate connections and link parents with the support they require.


Alongside these suggestions, please do also visit Our Members page for a more comprehensive list of local services in our wider network, our What's On guide for information on regular activities for young people in your area to access, and our Youth Alliance Blog where our network partners are able to share articles and useful information for you and your child. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or feel that there is a lack of provision in your area or that suits yours and your child's needs please do get in touch and we will endeavour to support or signpost you where possible to do so.

Local Support Groups and Services for Parents

New Parents

Family Hubs

Connected Perinatal


Connected Perinatal Dad's Space

DCCT Dad's Space

DCF Dads Bats and Chats

DE23 Active Dads and Lads

Parental Mental Health

Connected Perinatal

Family Hubs

Children First

Cost of Living

Help with the Cost of Living: The cost of living is rising steeply. Energy, food and bills are all increasing, and many of us are struggling to keep up. This site contains information with help that may be available to you – whether it’s support with debt, help to cover your bills, or access to jobs advice.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Bridge the Gap

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Bridge the Gap

Children First

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