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Exam Stress resources by Kooth

Last year the NSPCC reported a 10% increase in young people receiving counselling support for exam stress.  And our own data shows that almost 20% of young people visiting Kooth seek help about school/ college issues or exam stress.

With many young people preparing for their upcoming exams this term, please let them know that Kooth is here to help with any stress or anxiety they may be feeling.

We offer 24/7 instant access to anonymous and personalised mental health support to young people at in your community, including those who do not meet thresholds or are on a waiting list for CAMHS or NHS Talking Therapies.

Resources for Young People:

Exam Tips Digital Brochure

KOOTH Exam Tips Digital Brochure
Download PDF • 205KB

Exam Results Day Support Brochure

Kooth exam results day support brochure 2022
Download PDF • 714KB

Navigating Depression and Low Mood

Download PDF • 81KB

Resources for Parents and Carers:

Supporting Your Child During Difficult Times

Download • 83KB

For more information on the 24/7 free, anonymous support that Kooth can offer, visit or if you are a young person, the image below gives you a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Kooth.



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