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Mental Health Day 2023 - Derby Youth Mayor

Hi All,

I'm Muhammad Muntasir (Munti) and I'm the current Youth Mayor of Derby.

Mental health is something that has played a large part in my life and has lead to the person I am today - as I'm sure it has for many young people. I want to focus in particular on the importance of giving your mental health the same amount of care, you may give to your physical health, you may give to other people - but not yourself.

The only way for you to progress as a person, to jump over those hurdles in life, to get through those moments of solitude is to have control over your mind. For once you have control up here (point to head), no hurdle will seem too long to jump over. Mindset is everything.

Let me give you an example, say you have an exam coming up and are stressing over it. Statistics by the Students Experience Network have shown that students who adopted a growth mindset (believing that they can do well regardless of natural ability through improvement and good work ethic) were 3x more likely to score in the Top 20% of their exams compared to students with a fixed mindset (who have the presumption of total failure or success relying on their current ability).

Apply this to mental health, and simple self-belief can be the determining factor in overcoming your personal obstacles.

So, remember, the only person that can improve you is you, it's just a matter of believing you can and that is the hardest part. But remember that with hardship comes ease, through pain there is relief and after night there is dawn.

Thank you for listening.

Many thanks,



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