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Youth Alliance / Children and Young People’s Network Meeting - April 2024

This week we held our second bi-monthly Children and Young People’s networking meeting of 2024 at The Annie Hall Memorial Centre - hosted by Umbrella.

Thank you to our speakers and representatives from the Derby Youth Alliance who presented about the Alliance.

Ben Rigby from Sporting Communities talked about the origin of the Youth Alliance, why it was formed, the importance of our strategic group and wider members - many of whom were in the room - and how we have grown.

Tracy Harrison from Safe and Sound talked about the key themes and priority areas on which the Alliance targets it's interventions and projects, our referrals process, and how important it is that Youth Voice feeds into our work.

Helen Britten from Community Action Derby talked about some of our notable project work from the past two years, and the impact these projects have made within the community.

Michelle Butler from Community Action Derby talked about the growth of the Children and Young People's network and how wider network members play a key part in supporting with the Youth Alliance aims and objectives, and can offer expertise to specialist projects and referrals.

We finished the presentation by giving attendees the opportunity to network with each other, and to meet staff members from each of the Youth Alliance strategic group organisations and have discussions based on topics to support the growth of the Youth Alliance going forwards.

Thank you to over 70 professionals who attended with open minds to learn, share and collaborate and get to know each other with a view to improve and increase provision for our children and young people in Derby City!

For more information about our CYP network or to get involved please visit :



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